Sell more new cars by optimising residual values with Car To Market

Our market experts work with you to optimise residual values for increased profitability and cost-savings.

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Tangible benefits

Build greater desirability for your brand and vehicles. Create a win-win situation for all parties involved across your vehicle-sales value chain.

Actionable recommendations

Strengthen residual value management for more profitable new- and used car sales – improve your bottom lines

Reliable Pan-European analysis

Assess your vehicles’ potential from a Pan-European perspective – implement consistent price and specification strategies.

Car To Market supports the majority of all new battery-electric vehicle launches in Europe.

Supporting manufacturers from pre-launch to lifecycle management

Our team of market- and residual-value analysts will ensure that your commercialisation strategies are robust and optimised for strong residual values ahead of your next launch. A detailed Car To Market report will help you align priorities across the entire organisation many months and even years before the launch.

Phase 0: conceptualising for the future

Our experienced Car To Market analysts guide you through a process that can start as early as four years before a launch. Car To Market involves product and R&D teams much earlier in the process of optimising the vehicle’s sales and commercial performance over its entire lifecycle.

Phase 1: Setting the right product strategy

Closer to the commercial launch of the vehicle, the Car To Market process shifts to fine-tuning for market-winning strategies. Following our recommendations can further boost your vehicle’s residual value positioning.

Phase 2: Determining the final residual value

Based on the final product and commercialisation strategy, the team will produce detailed residual value forecasts for all relevant vehicle versions, including different powertrains and trim lines. You can use this comprehensive benchmark analysis in discussions with all stakeholders that hold asset risks for your vehicles.

A 1-percentage-point increase in residual values improves profits by >1 million EUR annually for every 10,000 vehicles sold in leasing contracts.

Expert recommendations for improvements across 16 key residual-value drivers

You’ll receive in-depth analyses and actionable insights through a detailed report, tackling:

  • Conceptual strengths and challenges, including perceived quality
  • Commercialisation strategy, including equipment, volume planning and incentives
  • Suitability for everyday use, including range and charging time
  • Cost/Performance, including fuel and energy consumption
  • Your brand’s residual value performance

Why manufacturing professionals trust our data and services

Our team of qualified Pan-European experts base their analysis on state-of-the-art statistical procedures and high-quality inputs – maximising the accuracy of our forecasts.

Discover what else makes Autovista the right choice for manufacturing professionals.

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Run your Car To Market in one, two, or three phases

Choosing the right equipment can significantly drive up residual values

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