Car Cost Expert

Unlock the full total cost of ownership for your vehicles.


600 model ranges, 12 countries, 300 mileage/age scenarios

The new Car Cost Expert enables you to calculate and simulate the total cost of ownership for more than 300 scenarios in 12 markets including: Germany, Spain, France, Italy, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Czechia, and Romania. There are over 600 model ranges available, giving you a clearer picture of the marketplace.

Improvements across the Value Chain

Whether you’re at the buying or selling part of the value chain, Car Cost Expert simulates different total cost of ownership scenarios to anticipate running costs and manage risks – all on one, easy-to-use platform.

Research and Development

Plug different packages, equipment, and servicing programmes into your simulation to design vehicles with a more competitive total cost of ownership.

Original Equipment Manufacturers

Benchmark specific total cost of ownership performance against your competitors, reduce discounting to gain the competitive edge, and sell more vehicles.


Understand holding costs better. Identify the best time to remarket a vehicle or extend contracts to ensure more profitable de-fleeting. 

Same concept, upgraded design

Use Car Cost Expert to:

  • Plug your own values in and get the information you need
  • Export reports in Excel and PDF for your own use

  • Easily interpret your TCO breakdown

  • Factor equipment and maintenance into your total cost of ownership

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