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Over 110 and counting, across the top markets where electric vehicles are sold. 

It varies from database to database. Our light vehicle (LV) registration databases are updated monthly while our forecast products are updated quarterly and the commercial-vehicle (CV) forecast annually.

You can check the granularity and update frequency for each product here:

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Abbreviation Meaning
LV Light vehicles (PC & LCV)
PC Passenger cars
LCV Light commercial vehicles (including pick-ups)
CV Commercial vehicle (including LCV)
MHCV Medium and heavy commercial vehicles
HCV Heavy commercial vehicles
BEV Battery-electric vehicle
PHEV Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle
MHEV Mild hybrid electric vehicle
FHEV Full hybrid electric vehicle
FCEV Fuel-cell electric vehicle
VIO Vehicles in operation (i.e. vehicles on the road)

The information presented on this site and in the Data Center comes from hundreds of public sources. We consolidate the facts, keep them up-to-date and make them available in a globally consistent manner. Here are the most important and frequently used in each of our areas.

For Sales Volumes:

For Vehicle Information:

For Vehicle Parc:

  • Cumulative sales from our databases
  • National offices for country statistics
  • OECD

For Energy Prices:

For Charging Infrastructure

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