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Specialist electric vehicle volume and forecast data you can trust.


Our tracking and forecasting data go beyond EV sales. We give you a complete understanding of the EV market – including battery developments – so you can plan and untap the full market potential of electric vehicles in all their powertrain variations. 

How We Help

We offer unique, quality tracking and forecasting data sets for electric vehicles at the highest level of granularity:

  • EV sales by OEM and model – benchmark vehicle sales and brand performance by market 
  • Market sizing and market penetration – understand how the market is unfolding, plan and stay competitive 
  • Battery shipments – analyse which batteries OEMs are using to power their EVs and what capacity is needed 
  • Charging infrastructure – see how countries expand their national charging infrastructure and which connector types are being installed  
  • Future model roll-outs – know exactly what’s coming to market  
  • Granular EV specifications and prices – benchmark against rivals and stay ahead  

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Why EV Volumes?

We combine our specialist knowledge in EVs with our unique curated methodologies to ensure we give you updated, accurate market intelligence. 

We collect raw sales data – by OEM group, make and model, for BEVs, PHEVs, FCEVs, HEVs and MHEVs, across more than 130 markets.  We bring you robust, reliable tracking and forecasting data, updated monthly.

EV Volumes’ forecasting goes beyond the number of vehicles and market share.

We cover battery specifications on BEVs and PHEVs for different cell types, cathode chemistries and cell makers, plus battery shipment tracking in kWh from cell makers to OEMs and models.  

You can see where battery cells are being shipped by country to help guide future strategies such as where to build plants for cell manufacturing, and scale mining investments. 

Our data is available to download in Excel, PDF, and CSV format for easy integration.  

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Who We Help

We help clients across multiple sectors. Click the links or scroll down to find out more.

Manufacturers and Importers

Fleet Companies

Government – Transport and Mobility


Battery Suppliers

Professional services/consultancies



Manufacturers and Importers

Identify Gaps in Vehicle Design

With over 600 models being tracked – and more being added every month – car manufacturers can use the advanced filters to identify gaps in competing models – including architecture and battery capacity – and pivot this information towards their own future rollouts.  

Improve Market Intelligence

EV Volumes offers comprehensive specification data for electric vehicles. Product planners can filter by OEM, model, segment and propulsion type with information on batteries, drivetrain and general vehicle specification, giving them a better understanding of developing trends.  

Futureproof Models

As developments across the various EV segments continues, car manufacturers could benefit from knowing which segment is gaining the most traction heading into the future. With EV Volumes’ country share tracker, OEMs can forecast the market share – by country – for the different segments and focus production on the most in-demand ones.

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Fleet Companies

Access class-leading data

Our BEand PHEV monthly sales tracker is updated regularly across 130 markets and for over 600 models – with more being added every month. You can filter by segment, fast charging, propulsion, battery size and chemistry, cell supplier, region, country, and more.

Spot opportunities in other segments

Use our HEV and MHEV sales tracker to discover untapped market potential and find competitive alternatives for your customers’ car parks. 

Know exactly what’s coming to market

Car manufacturers tend to propose new models to sway clients. But some of them don’t see the light of day. Use our future rollout insights and filter by ‘likelihood of release’ to plan and secure the right vehicles for your fleet.

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Government – Transport and Mobility

Improve Public Charging Infrastructure

Track and compare national charging infrastructure across countries and connector-types to determine the attractiveness of markets from an infrastructural perspective. Improve your own public charging stations and speed up EV-adoption in your country, while staying within budget.

Meet your EV-adoption targets

Track your country’s progress against market share targets for each EV segment. You can filter by country to assess how other governments are performing and redefine your own strategies, incentivising better-performing segments.

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Protect from heavy losses

Wondering if your investment is sound? Don’t count on unreliable data. Use our market leading BEV and PHEV monthly sales forecasts and tracking – updated every month – to track short-term market movements and make better investment decisions.

Understanding the complete picture

We are specialists in EV data. We are passionate about EV data. We use only the highest quality inputs to bring you market-leading forecasts for BEV and PHEV sales so that you can understand developing trends. We provide insights on market penetration, charging infrastructure, batteries, current and future offerings for a comprehensive analysis.

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Battery Suppliers

Battery makers and battery material companies use EV Volumes and our battery shipment tracker to understand demand for batteries and their materials. EV Volumes helps you with planning and delivery by tracking which battery suppliers deliver to which vehicles. 

Use EV Volumes’ forecasts to generate battery MWh demand projections and understand how to scale the investments you are putting into cell manufacturing, for example, where to locate factories. 

We can also help you gauge where your future customers are by forecasting where most electric vehicles are going to be produced in the future. 

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Professional Services/Consultancies

At the heart of every great analysis is exact data. EV Volumes specialises in electric-vehicles, providing regularly updated historic data and forecasts. Our robust datasets have been curated to produce meaningful insights for electric vehicles, giving you a broad understanding of the context across 130 markets for more informed analyses.  

Use EV Volumes’ country share tracker – and filter by OEM make and model – to understand how the market share for electric vehicles will be developing across different geographies.   

We’re passionate about EVs and give you the data you need to:

  • Undertake due diligence
  • Identify and assess the risks and opportunities of new entrants or existing OEMs
  • Analyse portfolio risks, understand market dynamics, and assess market potential
  • Model businesses, provide financial analysis and strategy development
  • Build customer intimacy: refine pitches, advise clients, and win new clients

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